Friday, November 19, 2010

Eblouie par la Nuit

Boulevard Haussmann, Paris - Nov. 18th, 6.42 pm


Petra Mafalda said...

Bonjour!!! It's the only word in French that I know! But congrats to your beautifully blog! I'll always came back hear!

o2 said...

Thank you for your comment ! You are welcome on my blog ! :)

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Éblouir = to dazzle

Well, this scene is indeed "dazzled by the night" and is just stunning! I am excited that although it will rain while I am in Paris (mais certainement en decembre!) and the daylight hours are short, I will have great possibilities with the rain and the night as you have shown here!

Thanks for your comments on and visits to my blog... Merci!

Audrey Marie said...

love the light and reflections.

Anonymous said...

Superbe comme toujours !
Les couleurs sont magnifiques, c'est ce qui me plait le plus dans vos belles photos !!
j'aime aussi le reflet sur la chaussée... Bravo chere O2 ! :))

A Bientot**

o2 said...

Thank you Genie. I hope you will have sunny days while you're in Paris, like last year. Actually, I'm finally beginning to understand why we call Paris "the city of lights"! :)

Merci Mahon ! A bientot !


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