Thursday, March 24, 2011

Une pluie des thés

Au Bain Marie - 56, rue de l'Université, Paris 7e
Mar. 24th, 10.01 pm

Porcelaine, vaisselle, décorations inspirées de modèles anciens


Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Exquisite! The rich look of these cascading silver teapots is stunning... love the almost b/w look of the window!

Email me if you want to meet as I will be in Paris soon...


Krunal said...

and who knows, there might be a Djinn in one of those lamps

Alexandre said...

Une impressionnante collection.

Julie said...

Hello Aude: I was pleased to meet you at Genie's littel soiree the other evening. She kindly gave me your blog address to enable me to follow up with you.

Do try to keep your blog posting once or twice a week, although I know your life is about to be turned upsidedown. My daughter presented me with a grand-daughter in July of 2010. When is your child due?

Warmest regards

Virginia said...

I came by from Genie's blog. What charming blog you have. This silver display is magical and you captured it so well. I would love to see it for myself.
Bon weekend,


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